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We are dedicated to helping patients, caregivers and families as they go through treatments and procedures. We want to educate caregivers and families so that they know what to expect and how to handle certain situations that comes along with your loved ones declining in health. We will be working with a full home health nursing group who will be able to teach the medical side, a nutritionist/ Dietitian to design a diet plan customized per patient, A master/sous chef will teach the caregivers how to prepare meals for the diet designed by our nutritionist. We will be working with YEP! (Youth Empowerment Project) having the troubled teens come volunteer letting them experience the joy of helping others in need and hopefully changing their lives also. We will be working with nursing homes allowing them to bring out the elderly to work in our 100% Organic Garden and enjoy all we have to offer such as fully handicap accessible nature trails, botanical gardens, fish in our stocked reflection pond and so much more.  

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‚ÄčCaring Hands Village Housing/lodging For Healthcare Patients


Caring Hands Village

Caring Hands Village

Almost Home

 housing/lodging for healthcare patients and their families


Nature, Peace and Tranquility

Located near Charlotte, NC

Caring Hands Village is a non-profit organization that provides housing/lodging and services to patients and their families as they go through medical treatments and recovery, whether it is long term or short term.

Caring Hands Village is here to provide healing through Nature, Peace and Tranquility.