Caring Hands Village Housing/lodging For Healthcare Patients


 Caring Hands Village housing/lodging for healthcare patients offers an environment for patient healing, family support and caregiver relief. We provide on-site nurse aides, caregiver counseling, handicapped accessible and furnished homes. Here you can simply stop by the neighborhood store, and cook your own healthy meals.  You can also meet with our team of nutritionists, to accommodate your specific dietary needs, and have our chef teach you how to prepare meals with-in the guidelines provided by the nutritionist. 

Each home will sleep up to seven, with all the comforts of home and much more. The entire house is impeccably clean and customizable to fight allergens and microorganisms to meet our specifications. Every night that you spend in the village you can rest assured that your pillows, mattresses and bedding have been encased to keep irritants away.  Last but not least, our state of art water purification system provides the village with the highest quality of drinking water.

On our property you will find an abundance of trails, parks, picnic areas, fire pits and a reflection pool with pavilion area for gatherings and meditation.

Please know that when you come to the Caring Hands Village, you will be loved for who you are, and not by what you have.